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"What people are saying about the Doctor of BBQ"

"Payment: Cash Only -- No Checks -- No Credit Cards -- No Debit Cards"

5th and Stanford
Springfield, Illinois

Open at 11:00 AM Close at 7:00 PM
Wednesday thru Saturday
Call in your order if you'd like 217-744-9999

Catering, and bulk smoked product orders are always welcome. We smoke Ribs, Pulled Pork, and Bacon for other restaurants in central Illinois. If you need something special just give us a call.

Menu Overview

• Smoked Baby Back Ribs
1/2 Slab, $11.00, sides extra
Full Slab, $ 21.00, sides extra
Sauce served on the side, Extra Sauce, $1.00

• Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, $6.25
  with two sides, $7.25

• Smoked Spicy or Polish Sausage, $6.00

• Hot Dog, $4.00, sides extra

• Sides
The Doctor's sides are all made in house and include the following, $1.25 each:
Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw,
Corn on the Cob (in season)

Slow and Low, hand trimmed, Smoked Baby Back Ribs
The Doctor smokes ribs until they are fall-off-the-bone

1/2 Slab $11.00, sides are extra
Full Slab $21.00, sides are extra

Sauce is always served on the side,
4-ounce cup per half slab. Extra Sauce, $1.00

Smoked Pulled Pork
The Doctor's Smoked Pulled Pork is injected with spice and 100% pure apple juice using our proprietary meat injector, then smoked for 12 hours until juicy and tender. Always hand pulled to perfection and served with sauce on the sandwich

Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich $6.25; with two sides, $7.25

Hot Dogs
The Doctor's Hot Dogs are made from 100% Angus Brisket. They are special made for the Dr. of BBQ and have a rich buttery taste. The Doctor's dogs are best when eaten with mustard and onions. There is no need to hide the taste of a great Dog with a garden full of condiments like other Dogs. The Doctor's Dogs have been voted best Dog at numerous events.

The Doctor's Dogs are $4.00 each, sides extra.

The Dr of BBQ is a member of the Kansas City BBQ Society, the Lone Star Barbecue Society, the New England BBQ Society, and the Florida Barbecue Association. Jack is also a Certified Kansas City BBQ Society Judge. Jack is currently working on his Certification for Master Judge.

Below: Interior of the Doctor's Vending Trailer


Sent: Sat, July 10, 2010 8:16:32 AM
Subject: BBQ

Dear Jack,

I'm no writer, but I do want to thank you for the wonderful pulled pork and ribs. I am so glad that I let you talk me into taking the ribs despite my diet; because they were the first to go...oh my. The pulled pork was heavenly, I'll never make it for myself again; so you had better make sure that you continue to have it on your menu...I even liked your sauce, and I NEVER use sauce, but yours was a perfect complement rather than overpowering or covering up the pork; so I thank you for that as well.

When I was a non-located employee with AT&T, I worked all over the BBQ Belt (MO, TX, OK, KS, etc.) and had the best of the best. Since returning to Springfield, I often thought about with great sadness the fact that I would probably never again have the great BBQ that I enjoyed when I was on the road. After having your ribs and pulled pork, I don't give Kansas City BBQ another thought!!! Now all I can think about is getting back over to your location to pick up another load!!! Another funny part...worrying that I would gain weight from all of that great BBQ...I lost 10 lbs!!! No carbs!!! LOL!!!

So, thank you so much for such great food--I just wish you lived next door to me!!!

:) M


This is Mike and Mike - from the advertising company, we stopped by your place earlier today on our way back to Chicago. We really enjoyed the amazing food and will tell everyone about the Dr of BBQ. We will stop in again next week and try some of the other menu items. Everything was amazing, no other description fits! And your sauce is a winner.


Mike Parker

Michael Holm

Hi Jack,

I've been meaning to write, we were there a while back, and picked up a bunch of stuff to take home, but I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your art! Better late than never...

I am going to echo Buddy Roadhouse's good words about the Dr of BBQ. We were recently in Springfield for a formal lunch at the Governors mansion, but brought a cooler and brought back a cooler full of 'cue home.

O M G., Best BBQ I have EVER eaten in my my life E V E R anywhere. Incredible smoke flavor, incredible ! No sauce needed, but it was great anyway. BBQ beans were the best ones I have EVER tasted. We brought backs ribs, pulled pork, and brisket, and each one was better than the next.

Usually you'll get one thing that's great, and the others you'll go, well, that's OK. But all three were outstanding. I only wish that trailer were 3 1/2 minutes away, not 3 1/2 hours!

Elaine Haney
"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans"

I was visiting Springfield from Chicago and my sister suggested we go to the Doctor of BBQ. We drove through, got kind service and I enjoyed it SO Much. I returned the next day for more and ate it greedily at the train station! Check it out!!


Mobile review
The man can flat out smoke some serious pig. I've had everything on the menu and love the pulled pork, ribs, and Polish sausage. His sauce is the best I've ever had, it's a Kansas City style.

Billy Williams

Best BBQ I have ever had, everytime I am in Springfield I have to stop at the Doctors for some great ribs and pulled pork sandwiches.


Want a theme food place for Springfield? Well here it is! Where else can you get waited on by an old run down Navy boy, retired talk show host and lets not forget expert on all things local, state and federal that deal with government. He first gave his time to serve our country then continued service letting us know what was happening in our country on his daily radio show for over 25 years. My point is Damn Sam the man cares and now it comes out in his cooking. Great Ribs, Smoked Pork, and Smoked so Very Very Tender Brisket. Say what you want about this man but he has always given his all and you can tell it in his cooking. The food deserves more than the yellow Trailer but hey its better than having food that only deserves a trailer.


Over the past several years, I have patronized the Doctor of BBQ on a fairly regular basis, which says a lot by itself. All of his food seems to have a perfect balance of smoke, spices and cooking time, especially his ribs and pulled pork; they are absolutely outstanding. I also have a special affinity (and get serious cravings) for his hot dogs; they are the BEST (and biggest) dogs I have ever had. If I recall correctly, the Dr. said that they are Angus Beef, which explains the great taste and texture. If you're ever in the area, be sure to stop by and give yourself a real treat. Be sure to tell him I sent ya!


I love the Doctor's BBQ Sauce. His Ribs are fall off the bone tender and yet full of flavor. His Pulled Pork is really pulled not chopped and always moist. His Brisket is the best beef I have ever tasted. Great stuff, you should try it. I just wish he had a sit down restaurant.


(217) 744-9999

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